Head for the Cure Supports BTTC


Head for the Cure 5K Events Have Generated Millions of Dollars

A few hundred enthusiastic runners gathered in the fall of 2003 in suburban Kansas City to honor 37-year-old Chris Anthony, who had succumbed to brain cancer seven months earlier.
Chris, an avid runner, battled his disease for more than two years, much longer than his doctors’ prognosis. He did it with courage, conviction, faith and humor. He vowed to beat it. He did not.
To honor Chris, the Anthony family hosted the informal running event. It raised a few thousand dollars and was primarily attended by family and friends. Outside of that small circle, it wasn't noteworthy. It was what blossomed from the informal run that eventually became notable.

Amazing Growth

The 2003 run led to the establishment of an annual Head for the Cure (HFTC) 5K run and in 2007, the Head for the Cure Foundation. Chris’ brother, Matt Anthony, is the HFTC Foundation president.
The run, today known as the Head for the Cure 5K – Metro KC, is the Foundation's premier event and is one of the largest 5K runs in the Kansas City area. Conducted in late August, it annually attracts over 4,500 participants and raises over $350,000. Now, there are numerous locations throughout the U.S. and over $2.5 million has been raised by HFTC since 2003!

Head for the Cure 5K runs are now also hosted in:

The Head For The Cure Foundation conquered an extraordinary 15 markets in 2014 and over 15,000 participants!  More than half of all participants at Head for the Cure events are affiliated with a team honoring someone affected by brain cancer.



HFTC Funds Helped Launch BTTC

Funds raised by the HFTC Foundation provided the seed money to help launch the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative (BTTC). HFTC proceeds continue to support the BTTC in the ongoing quest to eradicate brain cancer.
Chris Anthony suffered from a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and most aggressive type of brain tumor. The HFTC 5K events are successful fundraisers and unique tributes to those who are fighting brain cancer and those who've lost their battle like Chris.
The battle against brain cancer started in Kansas City, but it’s growing across the nation. Check out the HFTC Foundation website to PARTICIPATE, VOLUNTEER, DONATE and defeat brain cancer step by step.